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A good visitor management system monitors the use of a commercial facility, public building, or website. By collecting increasing numbers of data on who is visiting a site, a visitor management system will record the exact use of a facility by particular visitors and offer detailed documentation of each visit. These systems are an effective solution for controlling and analyzing visitor behaviour in a wide variety of settings. Some of these include public facilities, retail outlets, schools, airports, and other locations.

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An ideal application for a public facility, school or other educational institution would be to incorporate a visitor management system that collects data on the number of time students spend in each classroom. By collecting data, administrators can monitor how well school security measures are being implemented. Another application could be to monitor the behaviour of unauthorized visitors, such as drug users or those who have been banned from the premises. With today’s sophisticated visitor tracking systems such as iLobby, administrators can also record data on visitors’ movement within the facility and analyze this data with the goal of improving security and preventing unauthorized access.

School security personnel monitor the use of a school campus through a web-based visitor management system. The system gathers data on which students have visited certain areas of the school and which classes they took, when they visited these areas and how long they stayed. This information can be used to identify problems, enforce policies and evaluate staff performance.

In addition to schools, public buildings such as airports and churches benefit from improved security and convenience when it comes to managing the volume of visitors. Many airports and churches have integrated a visitor tracking system to record the exact locations of travellers. Using a visitor management system, security personnel can determine at any time if a traveller has special needs and call the appropriate resources for assistance. A public building could also utilize a visitor tracking system to prevent unauthorized entry by using biometric technology to detect fake identification cards.

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A business may also benefit from a visitor management system that includes an automated check-in process. An efficient check-in system not only reduces labor costs but also promotes productivity by preventing last-minute hassles. Using a visitor tracking system, employees can check in with the front desk prior to the guests arriving and can log in remotely from their mobile devices. A photo identification system can verify the identity of guests before they check-in, eliminating the need for manual processing.

No matter how large or small a business may be, identifying visitors is important to its success. A comprehensive visitor management system will facilitate a smooth check-in/check-out process, monitor guests after their visit and prevent unauthorized access. The cost of implementing a good visitor tracking system depends on the number of staff members required to operate it and the size and scope of the business. To find the right place to install one, it is necessary to speak to experienced companies or consultancies in the field.